It’s not that difficult. Really!

I love my life which is pretty obvious from the title of my blog. I smile and laugh a lot. I’m a happy, loving person who believes in doing good. I give 110% of myself to my family and I am rewarded with their love and it means the world to me. I’m also real and get hurt and don’t like it when people are jerks. In fact, it really upsets me and I have to work really hard to maintain perspective to keep from attacking back when someone is being rude or mean. I have a strong personality. I believe right is right and wrong is wrong. And, I don’t like the wrongs. And, I’m pretty opinionated about it. (Just ask my family. Or anyone who has been on the receiving end of me not being willing to take the ‘wrongdoing’ anymore.) LOL The truth is, I don’t get it. Why is it so hard to be nice? Why do some people find it so difficult not to put themselves first? Are we really that selfish by nature as human beings or is it something we learn growing up? I believe most of our negative behaviors come from our childhood and from poor parenting. I wish everyone had a stable, loving, nurturing environment to grow up in. But, that isn’t reality, and regardless of how bad it was for us, at some point we have to grow up. We have to take responsibility for who we are because our actions are a choice. We all get frustrated, tired, hurt, sad, and angry. All of us. It’s what we do with it that matters.

So the next time you’re grumpy, try not to take it out on the people that love you. Staying in a loving place emotionally will probably take your grumpy mood away a lot faster than being unkind.

The next time someone you care about has a problem with you, listen with an open heart. “Hear” them and put yourself aside. Pride and ego are not your friends. The person who cares enough to be hurt by you or have a problem with something you have done to them, is.

The next time you’re feeling angry, remember, it won’t stay that way whatever it is. Time will pass. Things will change. It’s inevitable. Breathe and know that it’s only a moment.

The next time you’re sad, cry. It is powerful and physically and emotionally healing. And, it’s okay. For all of us. Men and women. Holding our feelings in will only bring more negativity. Let go and free yourself.

The next time you’re hurt by someone else, tell them. If they love you, the will listen and make things right. If they don’t, it’s their loss and you will have done what is right for you. We live in a society that has taught us to be “strong” and we are afraid to feel what we feel. We are afraid to say what is right for us. Life is too short to live that way. Of course, we don’t have to complain about every little thing and we don’t have to throw flaming arrows at everyone who hurts us. (Although sometimes flaming arrows would be great, right!?!) We can say how we feel though. And as friends and people who love us, the other person has an emotional responsibility to truly hear us and make things right. Even if they weren’t technically “wrong”, they should still love us enough to ”hear” us and take care of us emotionally. It’s not that hard.

It’s about being about more than ourselves. Even when there’s something upsetting us, or we don’t agree, or we are in a bad mood, we need to be about more than ourselves. Breathe, listen, keep perspective and be kind. It’s not that difficult. REALLY!

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