I want to wake up to see you smiling at me and feel the contentment of us.

I want to know that you are with me in the good times and the bad,

that we stand together through it all with strength, love, and commitment that is unwavering.

I wish the little things would drift away and leave you,

the perspective and appreciation of the good taking over leaving the other feelings in a place of non-existence.

I want to see you smile and laugh and know that I make you happy.

When I hurt or I feel uncertainty or frustration,

I wish I would feel your hand on mine, and your friendship and love would hold me.

I wish the reality that we only have this moment,

that this life is passing us by without our consent,

would grab you and hold you tightly and never let you go.

And that you would see clearly what we have

and who I am to you.

I wish for you to ‘see’ me always.

To hear me when I speak

regardless of ‘how’ you hear me.

I wish you would turn to me with your frustrations and not take them out on me.

That we could be us in moments that aren’t your favorite,

that don’t elate you,

and you could find perspective and happiness in ‘Us’.

And mostly… That you could see that I am on the other end of your feelings.

If you could pull toward me,

Communicate with me,

Know that I am there,

That you affect me.

And that it doesn’t have to be so hard,

and it wouldn’t be if we were doing it together.

And I wish so much that it could be seen as good,

and happiness could be found,

because we are doing it together.

I wish you would smile and listen when she talks and love when she frustrates.

To ‘see’ her and be kind even when it doesn’t suit you.

I wish we could be happy and be ‘Us’.

But it takes two.

I will love, and listen, and stay until I have nothing left…

Because I see you and hear you and love you with everything I am.

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